Heating bills are gradually rising in the United Kingdom. That is why today we want to share with you some new ways that you can warm up without always needing to use your heating.

When we begin to get colder, the first thought we have is to turn our heating on. This is because it is a quick and easy way to warm up our homes. But, what if we told you there were other alternative ways that you can warm yourself up without needing to spend so much money on your heating bill. Continue reading this article to find out more ways to warm up!

Firstly, consider what you are wearing. Surprisingly, even in the winter months, people will happily walk around their home complaining that they are cold when they are wearing shorts and a t-shirt. By simply changing your clothes to something more appropriate for the weather, you will find that you do not need your heating on as often.

Another way to warm up, if changing your clothes is not doing the trick is by investing in some blankets. We find that wrapping up in blankets to warm-up is a quick and effective way to warm up. You will find that sitting down for 10 minutes in a blanket warms you up quickly. Meaning you will then be able to get on with what you were doing beforehand.

You could also consider using a hot water bottle. This is effective the same as turning on your heating but it is just for you. Filling a hot water bottle up with warm water and placing it in the room where you are working will help to warm the room up without the need for your heating.

These are just a few alternative ways that you can warm yourself up without always needing to turn on your heating.

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