Toilet blockages are extremely common across homes all around the world. But some of us may not understand why our toilets keep becoming blocked. Today, we are going to share with you three common reasons your toilet may be blocked.

Toilet Paper
The most common reason for your toilet becoming blocked is toilet paper. Either you are using the wrong kind of toilet paper, or you are using too much. You do not want to be putting too much paper down your toilet as this can be difficult to flush away.

Not Enough Water
If you do not have enough incoming water supply, this can cause your tank to not have enough water. Meaning when you flush, there is not enough water being used. Making it difficult for the waste to be flushed away, causing a blockage.

Design Fault
Another common reason why your toilet may be blocked is a design fault. If there are too many turns within the pipes to the sewers, there are more areas for waste to become lodged.

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