People continue to put scraps of food down their sinks, but it is simple, no scraps of food should be going down your sink. Today, we are going to share with you why certain foods should not be put down your sinks.

To begin with, meats, no scraps of meat, no matter how small they are, should be sent down your sink drain. Meats tend to become stringy whether they are cooked or raw. Meaning they can become tangled, causing a major blockage which is not needed.

Fruit skins are another common food put down our sinks. However, fruit skins are tough and therefore very hard to breakdown. Meaning they may become lodged in our pipes again causing an unneeded blockage.

Finally, flour. With most of us being unsure with how to dispose of unwanted flour, the sink seems to be the best option. However, when mixed with water, flour becomes a glue-like substance. Making it likely to cause a major blockage.

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