The summer months are slowly creeping away from us and the thought of turning our heating on creeps in. But when is the right time to start turning your heating back on? 

Some of you may think that the best time to turn your heating back on is simply when it becomes cold and you need to warm up, but this isn’t the case. Ideally, you should start turning your heating on for a couple of hours a day in the week or so leading up to the cooler months. This is so your heating does not come into shock when it is needed to heat up your entire home. You can put a lot of stress on your heating system and expect it to work perfectly the first time around. This may not happen, there may be problems that you haven’t noticed due to your heating not being on. So, turning your heating on before the cooler months begin will help you to discover and fix these problems before your home is too cold. 

You should also want to ease your home into heating up your entire property. The best way to do this is to reintroduce the heating beforehand. Helping to warm up the pipes ready for the cooler months.

Yes, you will need to spend money completing this process, but in the long run, it is more worth it for the warmth of your home. So a week or so before the cooler months truly begin is the right time to turn on your heating. Do not worry about the costs as this will not rise your bills by too much, it will in fact ease you into having to pay a slightly higher price as the winter months creep in.

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