We are all aware of the common plumbing issues during the winter months, with the most common being pipes becoming frozen. But, issues can still rise in the summer months. Today, we are going to share with you 5 of the most common summer plumbing issues.

1- Washing Machine Overload
During the summer months, we are all generally more sweaty and dirty. Meaning we are washing more clothes than we would do normally. This puts a huge strain on your washing machine, to work harder than what it does during the other months. Meaning it is more likely for your machine to become overworked and break with plumbing issues being a factor.

2- Sprinkler Issues
If you are lucky enough to own sprinklers, you may likely see issues arise with them during the summer months. One of the more common issues with sprinkles is them becoming clogged. Another issue is again them breaking due to being overworked during the summer months. Excessive use will have an impact on how well they work and how long they last.

3- Blocked Toilets
No one enjoys having a blocked toilet, but in the summer months, these are more of a common issue. With people drinking more in the summer months you will notice people are going toilet more often. Meaning overall there is a higher chance of someone blocking the toilet.

4- Sewer Line Clogs
Finally, summer months of course come with hot weather, but can also come with sudden bursts of rain. These sudden bursts of rain are what causes sewer line clogs. With them suddenly opening up all the dry soil. All entering the sewer system at once, making it more likely to clog than if it was a gradual flow.

These are four of the most common plumbing issues during the summer months, have you experienced any of these?

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