We all know the most common way to unblock a clogged toilet is by using a plunger. But, there can come times where you do not have the necessary tools to unblock the toilet. Maybe if you are on holiday or newly moved into the property, you may not have a plunger to hand. So, here are two alternative ways you can unblock your toilet.

Coat Hanger
If you have any wire coat hangers to hand, this is a great alternative to a plunger for unblocking your toilet. All you will need to do is unwind the coat hanger so it is a long piece of wire. This can then be sent down your toilet, with you keeping hold of one end. Making it possible for you to move whatever may be blocking your toilet.

Washing Up Liquid
No matter where you are, you are likely to have washing up liquid on hand. On holiday sites or even when you first move into a home, washing up liquid will be around. Drop around half a mugs worth of washing up liquid into your toilet leaving it for around 30 minutes to get to work. This should begin to dissolve some of the clogged goods, making it possible for you to flush the remaining pieces away. Quickly and effectively unclogging your toilet.

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