One of the quickest and most efficient way that you can unblock your toilet is by using a toilet plunger. This is the fastest way that you will ever be able to unblock your toilet.

How do you unblock your toilet using a plunger?

Before you even think about unblocking your toilet, you should always consider protecting the floor in your bathroom. Place old towels or bed sheets on your bathroom floor to keep it protected from any potential toilet water spillages.

You should also check that there is enough toilet in your toilet bowl. You want to at least cover the head of your plunger to ensure you get the best result from your plunger.

Using a plunger is simple. All you need to do is angle the plunger over the hole in your toilet bowl. Pressing up and down on the plunger head. You should do this 5 to 10 times. Once this is complete, flush your toilet and it should be fully unblocked. If not, you may need to try pushing the plunger in the toilet hole a couple more times.

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